Do's & Dont's

Sl No.   Criminal offense in zoological park.
1.   Teasing, disturbing and feeding the wildlife in any way.
2.   Littering polythene and garbage.
3.   Bringing firearms and pets / birds.
4.   Burning fire and preparing food etc.
5.   Playing the transistor, tape recorder, mobile phone & music, yelling, howling and shouting.
6.   Playing games inside the premises.
7.   Consuming narcotics.
8.   Plucking of flowers, plants and damage to trees.
9.   As per Section 38J of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972, violation of any of these rules would attract imprisonment for 06 months and fine up to   Rs. 2000/- and subsequent offence will attract a fine of Rs. 5000/- and imprisonment for 01 year.