Things to Watch

Zoo has several attractions and open sight areas like


Front Signage


Open Air Theater

Special point of attraction for Open Air Heatre, which is very high-tech and beautifully designed equiped with very high quality equipments



Zoo Diorama




7D Theatre

First of its kind in a Zoo in Uttar Pradesh, with a seating capacity of 48 persons. Its special effects include water spraying, wind blowing, fragrance, bubble, leg tickling, strobe lighting and smoke effects. Movies based on Forest, Environment and Wildlife are screened at regular interval. Tickets can be booked on the spot and on the basis of availability.


Gazebo Island

Central attraction of the Zoo. Located nearby Kiosk, Landscape & Water Stream. Hexagon shaped structure consisting 18 aesthetic stone benches and having seating capacity for 54 person. Designed for resting rejunuvating after a walk.


Beautiful Birds


Carnivore Section


Butterfly House

Indoor closed butterfly house with larva rearing facility, nector house and exhibition gallery with an estimated area of 491 sq. mtr. Butterfly nectar host plants and larval host plants are planted for rearing adult and larval.





Beautiful Landscaping

Based on immersion effect, having trans located trees which consist of different species with planted herbs, shrubs and trees. Some places elevated and somewhere plain. It has many life size stone and fiber sculptures of different Zoo animals just in front of their enclosures. People enjoy taking selfies with these life size models.


Stone Carved Life Size Animal Sculpture

They consist of life size sand stone & fiber sculptures, located in front of each enclosures in the beautiful the landscape.


Buddha Fountain Lawn

It consist lifesize Buddha, Dolphin, Tiger, Lion & Chimpanzee sculptures. Main attraction part of zoo for visitors as a selfie point. Located nearby 03 gazebos for resting purpose with aesthetically designed stone benches.


Battery Operated Vehicle

Four Environment friendly battery operated 14 seated site seeing vehicles. Children enjoy as fun ride and site seeing for disabled and elders. It is operated on the pre-designed path covering about 2kms inside the Zoo premises. Tickets are booked on the spot and on the basis of availability. The tickets are Rs. 20 and Rs. 10 for adult and children respectively.